about me

I am inspired by beauty.  Not always an obvious beauty but the odd things that make something or someone beautiful.  People of passion.  My friends.  The people I love.  Music.  

My first memory of wanting anything to do with cakes was in middle school.  On the bus, a friend of mine asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I think I had just seen a food network show or commercial and there was a cute girl making cakes.  I told her I wanted to make cakes.  She laughed at me.

I had honestly forgotten about it until I was a year in college and studying environmental science.  That summer I made my transfer to the Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago and got my first job at PerSe in New York.  After PerSe, I started working for Cheryl Kleinman with Cheryl Kleinman Cakes and Ellen Baumwoll with Bijoux Doux Cakes. They saw something in me and did their best to build me up.  I don’t think they know it but they helped me find my passion.  They opened a whole world that I didn’t know existed.

After a couple years of that, I need a change and I got a big one.  I took a couple of years off.  I got the opportunity to literally travel the world for a year.  I learned cultures and met amazing people in Central America, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.  I spent the next 6 months on the southern coast of Spain and the next 2 months in Berlin.  I came back ready to start Anne Kathleen Cakes!

The really great part about creativity is that there is no box, there is no end to it.  Starting with cakes years ago was like opening up a whole world of possibilities.  I love decorating and making things beautiful.  I believe in marriage and what it was created to be.  I love being a part of one of the biggest days in a persons life.  Not only being a part of it but helping make it really special.